Committing to a flooring package of Carpet/underlay/installation can sometimes be a daunting experience if you are not quite sure what it is you have actually agreed to.

When reading your quote through you must be comfortable with your knowledge of the range, the fibre, the rating, the underlay, and the proposed layout of your new carpet. These are all important aspects which need to considered in your final decision.

Carpets often come in many different weights of the same colour. It is important that you have checked the weights/ranges of carpets on either side of your choice so when you get your formal quote it will give you confidence that you have chosen the right range for you.

Make sure your choice of fibre (wool,nylon, polyester, triexta) is clearly stated on your quote .. not just “100% solution dyed fibre”. Every fibre performs differently and it is important to choose the fibre that fits your lifestyle of purpose of re-carpeting.

Choosing underlay is also very important to ensure you are getting the best density. There are many different “11mm high density foam underlay” on the market. You will find 11mm/90kg density which will flatten easily in high traffic areas (lots of air pockets)
Compared to the 11mm/130kg density which will provide many years of good support for your carpet.

Read your quote carefully to make sure that you understand if you are moving all the furniture or uplifting the existing carpet and removing or if you have itemized on your quote.


“why do you get a difference in price when you are comparing quotes based on exactly the same carpet and underlay?”

A small difference maybe due to the competition between different retailers,however the main difference usually comes from how much carpet/underlay each retailer has Quantified that you need. The lesser amount of carpet often means the more carpet joins that will be involved. Sometimes this can be false economy as in high traffic areas you do not want to have several joins that in time may create a problem for you.

It is perfectly fine to ask your Retailer to show you your floor plan so you can see where the proposed joins are going to be. This way you have confidence of how your carpet is going to look and perform over a period of time.